In his hands


The mister crashed his motorcycle.  I was in ATL and he called and told me he thought he may have totaled it.  I was shocked and felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  He didn’t go to the ER and I told him he needed to go, if  not for himself, then for his family.  He flipped over the bike and ended up on the pavement.  Working in the trauma unit I immediately thought of the possible closed head injuries.  He went to the ER and got a clean bill of health.

He had the bike towed to the house and it sat in the garage until today.  I didn’t look at the bike in any great detail.  The tow truck came today to take the bike to the repair shop for the insurance company. I was so very disturbed by what I saw when the bike was in the light of day.  I wanted to weep.  Deep gutteral sobs.  He could have died, in a flash he could have been gone.  Forever.  I wasn’t prepared for the mangled mess.

I haven’t seen the mister since I left for ATL.  He’s spending time with his family and I’m here thinking of him laying on that pavement, in pain, crying and scared.

God has smiled on my family again.  I want to stay in the thought of his blessing.

Thank you Jesus.


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  1. Wow. There is nothing to totally clarify for you how you feel about someone like a BIG SCARE.

    I’m glad he’s okay. And you too.

  2. I texted him and asked him if he wanted to ride on Mon. I forgot that he left to go see his parents. Instead of telling me what happened, he told me, “I am out of town”. That was the end of the conversation. I am sorry for you all. I hope that you are better now. Love you…

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