I’m not a germaphobe.  I don’t spend my life trying to kill germs or running from them.  I’m a little crazy when it comes to people’s hands.  I don’t abide people’s hand on my stuff.  I don’t like sharing pens…but I will if I HAVE to!

My first night in the trauma center one of the RNs bought some snacks for the whole shift.  Don’t you know these medical professional all lined up and stuck their hands in a box of crackers!  I really thought I was going to pass out!  I mean there are all kinds of icky yucky stuff on those surfaces, not to mention the coochie, paynus, and bootie juice that folks carry on their hands on a daily basis.

I passed on the snacks…I brought my own.

I also noticed the night shift is like family and they are for the most part comfortable with each other, which translates into them sticking their hands in each others food to grab a taste.  I watched this happen over and over and felt a little light headed.  Ewwwww!

The patient’s weren’t the only ones suffering trauma…I was skeeved the hell out!


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