Keep up nucca!


As I read your response to me I was pissed, while you waxed (not so) poetically about my guardedness and mistrust you truly showed me as someone who trusted my friends with my “daddy trust issues”.  Not so guarded and mistrustful if you really think about it.  Obviously you weren’t thinking (at least not about me…what’s new?).

I began to wonder if I’m so guarded how you knew me well enough to know which buttons to push…hmmm.

If  you were actually my friend you would know at this chapter in my life I am working on my mama issues…the issues you so quickly pointed out are so spring 2009.  Keep up!

So I checked off the screw ups and misdeeds and then turned away from you?  Is that your final answer?  Stick with that if it makes you feel better, but in your heart you know I went above and fucking beyond for our friendship.  If you say I didn’t then we can add shitty friend and liar to the “list” that I kept.

I won’t lie and say I’m not hurt, your attempt at the end to take this upon yourself was trite and insincere.  I see through you and I see you.

I won’t respond to your latest fuckery.  I am mentally in a place you can’t tear apart.  I am finally safe.

I hope you eventually find joy and peace ( I know from your response you aren’t there yet).

A very small part of me hopes you get a yeast infection that causes you to scratch your skin raw and bloody (hey I’m still working on me…I’m human)

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