7 days gone…


I spent a week with my big sis on the east coast…I realized a lot of things while enjoying the love of my family.

7 days is a long time to share a bed with my Auntie G, she farts and fights in her sleep…I was afraid.  LOL!

My sister is finally settled and happy and it makes my heart feel so very good

I missed the mister bunches and couldn’t wait to get home and snuggle up to him

My family seems to think I’m still a 10 yr old tomboy…”poetry in a dress and make up?”  *gasp!*

I would NEVER want to live in VA…not my thing

I hate flying… screaming babies, dirty passengers, turbulence…boooo!

My mother is mentally unwell, and I will taking a break from her starting yesterday

I’m happy to be home!


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