Holding on…


I’m taking my last final today…TODAY after yesterday I’m pushing forward.  I’ve been pushed down, but I’m back up.  One frog don’t stop no show.

I’m sad and sick, but I have things I need to do.  I have to find a job, I need the money.

Thank you all for your concern and love, it means a lot.

I ain’t down ya’ll.  I going to keep moving, crying and learning.

God ain’t done…not even close.


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  1. Stay steady, girl. Stay strong. No never means no.

    I will tell you that my husband got laid off very unexpectedly a month ago. Here we are with 6 kids, 2 houses, 1 income, no savings.. we were a little rocked, to say the least. But it is going to turn out to be a blessing.. because he is going to get 6 months of severance.. he is in the interview process with 6 companies (!), and we will get to sell this house and move back towards “home”.

    I always say, I do not know or understand what God’s plan is.. I just have to trust that He has one.

    Love you. Good luck today. xoxo

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