In his sights


I want to thank everyone for their prayers.  I pulled it out today.  It was ugly but I passed…one more exam to go and I’m officially a Senior!

I interviewed for 8 different tech position at the hospital…got the call today…I was offered FIRST choice on 6 of those!  I was so happy I wanted to cry.  I accepted a position for the trauma unit night shift 7p-7a.  The kids will be gone for the summer and it will be just me and the mister…so I’m going for the larger paycheck.

I have a job!  I’m so blessed and excited.  I’m nervous too, I don’t want to mess this up.  I hoping to learn a brain and a half full of knowledge for the coming fall semester.

God really truly has me in his sights.

The mister and I are working it out the hard way, he’s looking for 2nd job.   Needs something to do besides running model trains all summer long!

One more week, I just need to hang on…then it’s off to Virginia!


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  1. Hey, what part of Virginia will you be visiting? I’d love to take you out for a drink and conversation!

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