He makes it sooo hard…


The mister and I are at odds (again).  We are “arguing” about his obsession with acquiring new shit.

The mister is just an asshole at times.  He’s been trying to get me to discuss him getting a new car…I just refuse to discuss that fuckery.

He is driving a brand new 35k+ vehicle right now, one that we “discussed” at length.

We had two cars that were paid off.  I wanted to save a little money(which we don’t do enough of, I’m guilty too) but the mister wanted new and shiny.  I understood that so when the cash for clunkers program started we traded in the older truck and got a GREAT deal on a vehicle…the same vehicle that had his dick hard for months prior to the purchase.  Yeah you read that right, his car is a year old, well less than a year actually.

So he asked me again this morning when we could discuss him getting a new car.  He asked why we couldn’t discuss it like two adults.  My thinking is were one adult short.  He’s a fucking tittay baby!

This miggiefiggie isn’t going to stress me.  We make a set amount of money.  We have extra because we don’t buy every fucking thing he has his eye on.  He buys his model train shit and I buy shoes.  It works for us.

He’s trying to KEEP the new car and purchase another 30k vehicle!  LOL!  He wants a car for roadtrips…motherfucker you ain’t ballin’ like that.  His ass ain’t getting promoted any time soon (his own fucking fault) and I ain’t working for at least a year (please God let me graduate spring next year).  I’m trying to remain civil and calm…I ain’t a killer but don’t push me…

I ain’t catching a case behind his simple ass!


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  1. It doesn’t seem like he has his heart set on anything but the purchase of a new car. Maybe he has to learn the hard way if you feel it’s unnecessary.

    Too funny @ your Tupac Shakur quote.

    Don’t kill him. LOL!

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