Didn’t see that coming…


I’m oblivious to some things.  I don’t pay attention to how folks look at me for the most part.  BL has told me over the years that I’m THAT chick.  The one who doesn’t see how men see her.  The one who is in a room and doesn’t feel the vibe men are putting off.

There are a handful of males in my nursing class.  None of which are particularly hot or attention getting.

On the first day of class we were told to stand up and tell one different thing about ourselves.  I got to go first out of 70 people.  I don’t like grass, I think it’s icky and I avoid it if and when I can.  Everyone thought this was funny, but I was dead ass serious.

Now fast forward 8mths… one guy in the class likes to give me a hard time about not liking grass.  I think he’s funny so I offer to fight him in the parking lot…his response is he will simply stand in the grass until I leave…funny funny.

Now mind you this guy is a fetus…a youngin..I keeps it moving.

Well I decided to run next door to the coffee shop to get some energy in a cup…I went out the exit only door and was fully prepared to walk around the entire building to get back in.  Well funny guy sees me walking past the exit and jumps up from his seat to let me in.  I smile all big because I’m feeling lazy and I’m happy he’s being accomadating…as he opens the door he says…”I wasn’t going to open the door but after I saw your face I just had to open it”


Oh aren’t you slick funny young white guy?


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  1. Looks like you have yourself a young admirer. Be gentle. Don’t hurt ’em. Hahahaha. And the joke about him saying he would stand in the grass if you tried to fight him was too funny.

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