Musty Mike


Where I grew up there was always a guy who was kind of stank…we called that guy musty mike.  He was a nice enough guy, but he was just musty as hell.  You just didn’t want to be around him.

Jah is having a surge of hormones (11yrs old) and isn’t fond of bathing or deodorant.  He came home last week and wanted to show me some of his school papers…

SWEET JESUS ON THE CROSS…that boys pits…FIYAH!   Just stank…like spoiled milk and ass!

I had to push him away and you know what this little shit said?  I stink huh mom?  Like it wasn’t even an issue to be all musty and tart!

I told him he HAD to get in the shower without delay…now! Right now!

So I am now on pit patrol until he’s able to maintain them on his own.

My son will NOT be musty mike…not on my mama watch!


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  1. ROFL! Pretty soon you’ll have to drag him out of the shower and he’ll be drenching himself in cologne. Of course, right now you’re probably PRAYING for that day to get here QUICK. xoxo

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