One word tag


I got tagged by Mama Lib…here goes!

Hair – locs

Your Mother – *sigh*

Your Father – supportive

Fav Food – Thai

Dream Last Night – Donuts

Fav Drink – cold

What room are you in? – living

Hobby – writing

Fear – cancer

Where were you last night? – home

Something that you aren’t – energetic

Muffins – meh

Wish List Item – success

Where you grew up – kansas

What you are wearing – little

Your Pet – iris

Friends – blessings

Something you’re not wearing – pants

Fav Store – Sale

Fav Color – Pink

Last time you laughed – today

Your Best Friend – KC

Best Place you go over and over – walmart

Person who you email regularly – nobody

Fav Place to Eat – Bonsai


One response »

  1. Walmart is a pretty good adventure, isn’t it? LOL! I am an avid shopper of Target and The Sporting Co. as well.

    Laughter is always good.

    I love writing and also enjoy my drinks cold.

    Too funny @ mother response. I feel you though. It be’s like that sometimes.

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