How you gonna just invade my dreams?  Just bust right up in there being the you I used to know.  I was thrown for a loop for real.  Wasn’t expecting you to be there.  Makes sense seeing how you’ve been on my mind.  *sigh*

Talked  to KC about you yesterday, she searching for something in her life right now.  She understands my stance on what you did, but she’s more enthralled with the why you did it.  She’s truly amazed by you, I let her be because I know how I feel and that is what is real for me. Me…me…

I feel like a big ol tittay baby when it comes to all of this shit.  Just weepy, I know eventually things will get better.

I worry about you.  I want this and I don’t.  It’s the don’t part that is the hardest for me.  I feel like I’m constantly explaining my reasoning in my head.  Like I need to make cutting you off alright.  I know it was what I needed to do, but some days I’m just a shaky mess thinking of how I may have hurt someone I considered a friend.

My government name, really BL?  Who does that?


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  1. Since the beginning of this year I wonder if I have ended up hurting the feelings of someone who is/was really a friend. I took a long look at the list of people who I considered my road dawgs (friends) and I thought about many things before I decided to cut the ropes.

    As of yet I fail to believe I’ve made any wrong decisions.

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