It ain’t easy being green!


I’m not an envious person, for the most part.  I usually don’t begrudge folks their propers (yeah I went old school).  BUT for some reason I’m having a hard time with one particular issue…grades.  I failed my first exam of the semester last week.  Didn’t study hard enough (hardly at all, I’m trying to be truthful here).  I got the spring time school blues.  I wish summer would hurry up.  I have someone I’m really cool with that NEVER studies or does it very last minute and she ALWAYS pulls a passing grade and I don’t mean sliding by I mean…goodt shit!

I’m trying hard not to resent that because Lord knows I ain’t hitting the books like I could.  So why am I so green?  I guess I WISH I could do that, but sadly it’s on the book grind for me. 

I’m going to have to let this go.  It just ain’t good for me.


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  1. My teenagers have the same issue with the spring “daydreaming.” Just remember the light at the end of the tunnel and that your doing this for a reason….

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