Ahhh damn tittays!


Got a call from my NP’s office.  They are scheduling me for an ultrasound for my lump.  I feel sick.  I just want healthy tittays.  I’m terrified.  I keep thinking what this means for El Syd.  What it will mean for my family.  *sigh*


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  1. Yup. Then they will stick a needle in it (biopsy) and see if it is solid or liquid. Then they will take it out. Even if it is benign.

    I swore I had more people feel my breasts in those few weeks than I ever had in my entire 36 years of life. Good times. (NOT!)


  2. You are still very much in my prayers and I can’t wait to hear good news from this very soon!

  3. Sweet Jesus Corey! I have ENOUGH scars! I need puppies and rainbows dammit!

    Thanx Lib.

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