In his sight


I need a job for the summer.  My plan was to work at a local hospital and get some knowledge for the coming school year.

I gave 3 different instructors my evals for the job (as required) during the FIRST WEEK IN MARCH.

I wasn’t stressed because I was on top of my game and was THE first student to request they complete my evals.  Go Meat!

I filled out my application last week (deadline for all required documents is 9 April)  I’m feeling good and fine.  I turn in my CPR card and shot records.  I’m the shit. Lookit me.  Doin’ it big!

I get an e-mail from the hospital saying they had received my CPR card, shot records and TWO of the THREE evals.  MiggieFiggie say what?  I handed those over a fuckin’ MONTH ago. The instructors send them directly to HR.

I’ve talked to the instructors 2 weeks ago and was assured they had been sent in.  Ummm evidently not!

So of course I find this all out on Friday (my fault for not checking e-mail on Wednesday) and it’s Good Friday and ER’RYBODY and their mama is gone home until Monday!

I am super pissed because I did what I was supposed to do, I even went BACK and checked with those old broads!

So now I have to go to the HR dept. ask for another eval and pray it doesn’t reflect badly on me.


I plan to ask which instructors turned theirs in too, just so I know whom to bestow a MASSIVE yeast infection and mayhaps some kidney stones!

I’ve prayed so hard.  Just asked God for his will to be done.  I’m stressed and a little tired.

I need a job.

I lose my stipend starting 1 June and it doesn’t start again until 1 Oct.  I need some income.  I need to take some pressure off the mister, even though he’s really sweet about me not working.  I know he WANTS me to have a job, even though he won’t say it.  Shit I want a job!

God moved some things from my sight today, so I can see clearly all of my blessings.

I wanted to go to Body Jam today.  I am so in love with that class!   The mister decided to go fishing with his buddies(he’s more than earned that).

My plan was to take the kids to the gym nursery (it’s 3 bucks no biggie), but the kids raised their objections.  They felt like the nursery was for babies…and to let them tell it THEY’RE NOT BABIES! *gasp*

So I called my girl Thelma (hey girl!) knowing she was doing homework AND planning for her family’s visit tomorrow.  But my girl was like “heffa bring the babies… go get you’re work out on!”  See God’s blessing.  Friends who are family.

I took the kids over and rolled to the gym.  Now looky here…who do I see when I step in the gym?  Ms. W…one of my clinical instructors.  Not one of the previous three, but a different instructor.  She was on the treadmill and I wasn’t about to disturb her.  No ma’am.

I found my spot in Body Jam and who strolls in sweaty from the treadmill….Ms. W.  I jumped at the chance to talk to her and ‘splained how shit had gone down.  She said she would be more than happy to fill it out and let me take it to the HR office.  Sweet Jesus I just wanted to cry.  God has me in his sights.

Now I’m chillin’ at the house (avoiding homework) on the couch with the mister, sippin’ on some Moscato.

I’m going to keep praying and keep moving.


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  1. Girl, you are welcome! You know I got your back. Yes, keep your blessings in your sight…they are always there. Happy Easter…

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