Awww… don’t.say.that!


I’m still on my grind getting my Serena Obama on.

I worked out with R. (my trainer) yesterday.  It was a great session.  I can really tell getting in my cardio is making it easier to train overall.  R. was sooo impressed given my whiney baby act last week!  LOL.

I’m doing Body Jam.

*Check it out here*

It feels good and I go because I honestly like it.  I hope it stays that way.

R.  told me she can see how my back is coming together (trying to get Michelle Obama’d by my birthday).  I can’t see it.  I don’t feel smaller, but I just stepped up my cardio so I won’t be looking for change/improvement for at least 3-4weeks I’m cool with that.  But I feel better.  I feel like I’m DOING good thangs.  LOL!

So I went home and washed my stinky bottom on Friday.  I went to the seamstress to pick up my favorite pair of jeans.  They needed a new zipper, but I had them in the bottom of the closet because my ass was too fat to fit into them.

*sad face*

But they fit now.  GO MEAT!

I walked into the seamstress shop and the first thing out of her mouth was  “you’ve lost weight!” she was so happy when she said it!

Now for most people that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy, but you see I have a wicked mind.  When folks start to rant and rave about how great I look I start to believe the hype and I get off track.  Hence the reason I don’t weigh myself.  I won’t weigh myself until the end of summer.  Seems crazy but I can’t think I’m doing great.  I have to keep my mind focused on losing as much/looking as good as I can before 1 Sept.

I’m trying to act like I NEVER heard her say that.  Just going to keep it moving.  Gettin’ my Body Jam on!


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