And you don’t stop…and you don’t quit…


First off school is kicking my ass.  I suppose it’s the final push to summer that has me itching to ditch the books and just have a stiff dick and a stiff drink.

I have a 6-10 page paper that needs to materialize this week…gonna be 6 pages I can feel it already.  I’m just wore out with school work…yeah yeah yeah…it’s a blessing and such.

I watched a baby come into the world today, it was a good clinical experience but I know I can’t work labor and delivery(L&D) I just can’t look at coochie all day er’ryday.  iCan’t.

Riddle me this…does the labia majora/minora change during pregnancy?  Now I have taken a mirror to my cooch on more than one occasion.  I’ve shaved it, pierced it, waxed it.  I like my cooch, but whoooo lawd it takes a beating during pregnancy and childbirth.  I can’t watch it be beat up er’ryday…and the SMELL!  Now I know it’s natural, but when you’re the one HAVING the baby you don’t get that smell, but holding a leg of a pushing mom….YIKES!

So I’m still on the hunt for a place to get my nursing career on track.  L&D gets a hell to the coochie naw from me.



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  1. ROFLMAO!!

    I remember after Jess was born, just being so totally distraught that my husband had been at the delivery and had wanted to be RIGHT THERE watching everything.. I just thought that was awful, like how on earth could he ever want to have sex again?

    And he just insisted, blah blah blah, it was natural, etc.

    About 10 years later, he finally confessed it was one of the most terrible things he had ever seen. “There was blood everywhere..” he said, “It was like war!”

    I laughed my ass off. Of course, he’s a man. Nothing stops them.

  2. Too funny.

    And it reminds me of an ex who went through nursing school the entire time we lived together. I was sitting here nodding, laughing at the memories which surfaced while reading your post.

    It is a blessing though.

    Agreed – the smell of childbirth kinda takes away from the experience, does it not? LOL!

    Hilarious @ I just can’t look at coochie all day er’ryday. iCan’t.

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