Daily Archives: March 29, 2010

And you don’t stop…and you don’t quit…


First off school is kicking my ass.  I suppose it’s the final push to summer that has me itching to ditch the books and just have a stiff dick and a stiff drink.

I have a 6-10 page paper that needs to materialize this week…gonna be 6 pages I can feel it already.  I’m just wore out with school work…yeah yeah yeah…it’s a blessing and such.

I watched a baby come into the world today, it was a good clinical experience but I know I can’t work labor and delivery(L&D) I just can’t look at coochie all day er’ryday.  iCan’t.

Riddle me this…does the labia majora/minora change during pregnancy?  Now I have taken a mirror to my cooch on more than one occasion.  I’ve shaved it, pierced it, waxed it.  I like my cooch, but whoooo lawd it takes a beating during pregnancy and childbirth.  I can’t watch it be beat up er’ryday…and the SMELL!  Now I know it’s natural, but when you’re the one HAVING the baby you don’t get that smell, but holding a leg of a pushing mom….YIKES!

So I’m still on the hunt for a place to get my nursing career on track.  L&D gets a hell to the coochie naw from me.