Switching it up? Hmmm maybe.


I worked out with my trainer today.  Sucked ass!  LOL!  500 calories in 30 minutes.  NUTSO!  I didn’t work out all last week…big mistake!  I paid for it today.  Oh and the beer I drank too!

I decided to check out another gym that is close to my university, they give a student discount.  I’m trying to find a HIP HOP aerobics class, something sweaty and funky.  Tonight I’m going to check the class out for free and see how I like it.

I tried the HIP HOP class at the YMCA where I train but that trick ass bitch instructor played NANCY FUCKING SINATRA!  Now I know that ain’t HIP HOP.  Oh she wasn’t done!  THEN she played QUIET RIOT…where they do that at?  I wanted to kick her in the uterus!   I picked up my shit and rolled out!  What a waste!

Just because you let a black man stick his penis in your vagina doesn’t make you “down” and doesn’t mean you know shit about HIP HOP!  Being a sperm receptacle for Tyrone/DaJuantay/Lil pipsqueak/Dayday doesn’t inject HIP HOP into your life.  I’m just sayin’!

So I’m desperate I need an GREAT aerobics class, I’m hoping the one tonight is good.  I need to add some major cardio to my workouts if I’m going to be Serena Obama by Summer!  Oh and these luscious addicting Godiva Key Lime Truffles(that found me during spring break) are the DEVIL! And I am sadly the devil’s handmaiden.

MMMMmmmmm sooo goooood!


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