Friday Wishes


I wish…

for EVERYTHING in my life to be okay

my training workout was over

I could talk to my family

I wasn’t addicted to make up

that Godiva Key Lime Truffles weren’t  so bitchin’ (80’s term for REALLY good!)

I hadn’t waited until the last week end to finish all these papers(assignments)…UGH… FML!!!

I could just a have a good cry(I’ve tried my body just won’t let me!)

I knew exactly what kind of nurse I wanted to be

I hadn’t talked so badly about my big ‘ol sagging tits (maybe they heard me and they’re mad at me now!)

I didn’t think I had breast cancer


5 responses »

  1. I went today and they SMASHED the girls all up…YEOUCH! The tech said the Doc will read them today and then I should hear something by Tuesday.
    *sigh* Thanx for the love ya’ll. ❤

  2. You shoulda told them they coulda gave them a little licky licky or something before being so cruel. Ugh.

    (You know I lub you!)

  3. Mama Lib u ain’t right…she wasn’t my type…she was my mama’s age! LOL! Now had she looked more like Queen La…we could have moved some furniture up in there (whilst the mister waited in the waiting room!) LOL!

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