Everyone needs a good laugh…


I received an invite to a friend’s bridal shower…she’s a military spouse like myself (they got married at the JP but will have their ceremony this summer) her hubby is currently in boot camp.  He left 11 days after they got married

*sad face*

Well she having a lingerie bridal shower and the invite suggests bringing lingerie or something sexy.  I’m down for that cause for sure.  I’m getting her a $50 gift certificate to Frederick’s (for when her man is home) and a $50 gift certificate to Adam and Eve.com (for when he’s not).

The mister picked up the message that came inside the invite.  He read it and asked whose party it was.  I shrugged and told him it was inside an invite I got from El Syd back pack…I swear that man became see through.  I could see his mind work.  Before he could go off I told him it wasn’t for El Syd it was for me…his response…”that shit ain’t funny”.

Well I laughed…I guess funny is in the funny bone of the beholder!  BWAAAAAAAH


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  1. You are wrong for that! I woulda flipped the fugg out if I were him. But that is hella funny.

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