I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a bomb.  I really truly thought it was just a bad dream, like the dream I had where J. Lo kept singing to me.

I’ve tried to remove you from every part of my life that I could think of.  After receiving your last message I know I have hurt YOU.  Again.

I waivered for a moment this morning thinking I could repair all of this, but I know it’s broken.  I can’t have you in my life as my friend, because that is not what YOU want.

I was wrong in allowing you into my life.  Again.

I know life will go on, unless you plan to hide in my bushes or some crazy shit.  I’m so confused and afraid.  I have never been afraid of you, but I’m afraid now.

I hate feeling this way, but I told you who I am(yeah I don’t want to take responsibility for this fuckery).  I laid everything out, showed you what my life was and what I wanted it to be (Even without the mister there would be no Mr&Mrs BL).

I don’t think you will reach out beyond the text you sent.  I hope you will respect my wish to have a BL free life.  Again.

I’m so fucking sad. Again.


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  1. Awww It iwll be ok…I went through this same thing yesterday…Had to let go of someone who wanted me that I didnt want…He sent threats (Like that was gonna change my mind) but he STILL doesnt have me 🙂

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