After all this time


I’ve been with the mister for almost 15yrs.  I’ve know my MIL for most of that time.  I would say she knows me fairly well…so tell me why this crazy ass white woman said she was going to buy me a cast iron skillet for my 36(2.0) birthday this summer.  I just looked at her like she had spit on me.  Unlessen she is buying it for me to smack her son…I’ll take a pass on that kind of gift.  Fuck a gift horse…smack that beast of burden in the mouth..

cast iron skillet…que loca!


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  1. That is pretty funny.

    Now if you were into cooking, I could understand because a good cast iron skillet can cost you some money and is a good staple. HOWEVER, if you’re not— um, buying you a skillet is not gonna make you be inspired to be Paula Dean or the like.

    Gotta love mothers and mils.

  2. ROFL. Mother-in-laws. Mothers-in-law. Whatever. Can’t live with ’em. And thank the good Lord, most of the time, you don’t have to. 😉

  3. This was really funny. I happen to know the MIL and am not surprised that she has “ballz” to say that. She ain’t from round here! I know you are not trying to be in the kitchen, “set it and forget it”! Hahaha…so, she best be glad that she was not ducking while you were swinging low…sweet chariot! I am rolling…she is Loca for real! Crazy is as crazy does! Holl’er!

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