Daily Archives: March 7, 2010

Please. Don’t.


I can only take it in small doses.  I know what you want from me.  I believe we have long ago established it simply can not be.  I love you from a far and I need you to stay far away.  Physically and at times emotionally.  I know we tore the wall down.  I know you laid yourself bare for me.  Showed me who you really were so I’d believe it.  I believe you I truly do but that doesn’t make a difference in my world.  It doesn’t change who I am or how I live.  I know that is what you wanted.  I feel the yearning.. oh how I would love to throw life a curve and leave that wall down,but I was honest from the beginning that simply is NOT going to happen.  You can not change what is, not even with sheer will or force.  I will not allow myself to carry the responsibility of your broken heart or your bruised soul.  I have showed you who I am…please believe me.