Nursing 101


So Thelma asked why I wanted to become a nurse…here goes…(not just for Thelma but for anyone who is curious)

When I was 13 my sister was 17 and pregnant.  She went into premature labor and ended up in a county run hospital…we were poor and that’s where poor people went.

The nursing staff was less than enthused, ANOTHER poor black teenager needed care.  They treated her pretty shitty for the most part.  They were trying to stop her labor.  My sister was given an overdose of medication…two injections by two different nurses within a 15 minute period (I witnessed this but had no clue what they had just done).  Within of the last injection my sister was rushed to ICU…her lungs had filled with fluid and she was dying. They inserted 6 chest tubes sans anesthesia and she was give a tracheotomy.

She spent 6mths in the hospital after having her baby ( 4lbs 20z) and I spent a lot time with her in the hospital.  I saw some really remarkable nurses.  Ones who didn’t care that she was poor.  They just wanted her to get better. They are the reason she’s alive today.

In those six months the seeds of nursing were planted for me.  Many people have told me (including my sister) that I’m not compassionate enough to be a nurse.  I don’t have the people skills…I’m THAT bitch most days…not soft and cuddly(though I do have my moments of emotion).

People have a view of nurses that is one dimensional and skewed.  It’s kind of the way people see nuns…yes they are women of God, but they are human.

Nursing is not my calling; it’s my mission.  I approach it as a career, and I’ve been told that makes many people uncomfortable.  That’s not my issue, it’s theirs.

When I was in the military I once told an old sarge that I joined the military to go to school…he was outraged and got all red in the face.  I wasn’t fazed.  I simply told him that my reasons for signing on the dotted line were irrelevant, because I was willing to die for my country.  I was willing to go into battle right beside him.  I told him that made us the same.  Uncle Sam’s children.  This is the way I feel about nursing.

My reasons for becoming a nurse may be different then Teeny’s reasons, but when all is said and done I will serve my patients when they need me, I will work within the health care team.  My classmates will nurse in their own way and I will nurse in mine.  I plan to find my niche, not sure where it is yet, but I know it’s out there…nursing abroad…community educator…pharmaceutical educator…oncology… research…the sky is the limit.

My plan is to use my mind as a nurse.  Nursing is BROAD, nurses are now working in fields many people can’t even dream of…including myself.  LOL!  I want to explore and find what works for me.

Yes, I do plan on getting a nice salary for all my hard work…most definitely a perk I am working towards.


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  1. I like your detailed post about your mission. I appreciate your mission too. It takes a lot to become a Nurse and to realize the broad spectrum that Nursing offers. As long as you do something that feeds your spirit, that is all that matters. Good for you.=o) You make a sistah proud…

  2. I think your reasons for becoming a nurse are admirable! We all have our own stories and we we all be great nurses someday.

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