Do you boo boo!


I’ve really been thinking lately what kind of nurse I want to be.  My clinical experience thus far has been lackluster.  I hear classmates talking of how they love this or they have  been woo’d by that.  While I enjoyed my time with the little ones, I have no desire to work in Peds.  The Alzheimer’s care center was a big “HELL NO” as well.  I know once I finish school the main focus will be to get employment.  A lot of places do NOT want to hire new nurses…I get that, but to those places I also say, don’t try and recruit me in a couple of years when I’ve met your experience standard.  I would encourage employers to give SOME new nurses a chance…it looks for in the long run.

While I would love to work some place where there are no new nurses (after I have experience of course) I understand clearly that nursing is about paying dues…hazing if you will…I’m almost positive I will be in a work environment where I am the sage nurse helping a new graduate.   It is the way of the nursing world.  While I don’t look forward to that, I know someone is going to have to do it for me and I will pay it forward and do it for someone else.

I’m also looking toward the future…I have decided (for now at least LOL) I don’t want to be a traditional nurse.  I have no desire to work on the floor in the hospital, to play the games that must be played when you are in that setting.  I don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of catty emotional men and women.  I see it at the hospital and it makes my skin crawl.  I’ve read about it time and time again from other nurses and students.  I simply want something different for my nursing career.  I understand politricks, I get the jockeying for position and shine.  I don’t want that to be my everyday life.  For this reason among others I am looking at using nursing as a stepping stone and getting out of the traditional career of nursing in a timely manner.  I know graduate school is in my future.  But sadly I can’t express that while I’m in school and on the floor.

Nursing seems to be a very crabs in a barrel dynamic.  It seems that a lot of nurses A LOT are offended if you don’t want to do what THEY are doing (what is this middle school?).  Hell we dress alike EVERY fucking day isn’t that enough insanity?  I don’t know if floor nurses fear you will surpass them or you are taking shots at what they have chosen to do with their lives, but they(from what I’ve experienced) have a keen objection to new nurses even hinting they want to move beyond the grind of floor work.  Hey if you like it YIPPY SKIPPY for you, I ain’t knocking your hustle.  There is a WHOLE WIDE WORLD of nursing out there and I plan to find something that pays WELL, works for me and doesn’t tear up my body and spirit.

That is where I am for right now…all of this is subject to change, but I’m firming up plans to do what works for me.  I suggest other students and nurse do the same.


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  1. I’m with you there! While I was lucky during school to be protected from a lot of the B.S. (our clinical rotations were very deliberately selected), I kinda wish I had seen more of the “real world” so I could be prepared for what’s to come…

    One of the job interview tips I’ve heard time and time again is to NOT go into your goals and aspirations except for caring for patients on the unit where you’re interviewing. As if they think we’re going to stay there forever? One of the reasons I love nursing so much is how much you can do with it! But I feel like I can’t talk about my future educational and career goals because that would somehow turn off the managers interviewing me (even those goals are at least 4-5 years down the line). It makes no sense to me.

    Nursing culture as a whole seems very self-destructive. It’s that whole circling the wagons and shooting inward concept. Perhaps a dissertation topic for this future Ph.D student? ‘Just wish I could actually tell someone that I have that goal…

  2. @Jstar…Awww she wants to work with the kids…that’s sweet

    @Teeny…it does seem that way doesn’t it? I just think of all the power we could have if we worked WITH each other. *sigh*

  3. What made you want to become a nurse? That has been bugging me for a loonnng time. At the end of your post, the first thing you listed in your plan was to “find something that pays WELL…” If it is not something you are going to like, it is not going to matter if it pays well unless, that is the reason you want to be a nurse. Not knocking your hustle, just really curious and thought I would ask…*sigh*

  4. It’s a lot of things, its the great big wide world of nursing that is out there that intrigues me. I want to help people. I want to help OUR people. For some people nursing is a calling (so they like to say) for me it is a mission. I mission to get the knowledge, to utilize it. I don’t want to be Florence Nightengale. I don’t want to sacrifice myself for the profession. I want to be of service, I want to do some good. When my sister got sick over 20 yrs ago, a nurse almost killed her, but a nurse also saved her. They made all the difference for me and my family. Some day I hope to impact people in much the same way.

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