The get down


I do love the mister, I do.  I may not like him or trust him (now that sounds all kinds of wrong) but I love that man(most days).

Lately things have been up and down.  He’s on the attack about our sex life.  My heart felt for him when he asked me “why don’t I do it for you anymore?”.  I didn’t know what to say about that.  I look at this man and while my heart doesn’t skip a beat for him like it did prior to all this turmoil, I still think he’s a sexy man.  My sex drive has taken a roadtrip to God knows where.

I truly wish I could want to have sex, but with all that is going on and all that I feel about my life and him on daily basis, sex simply isn’t on my agenda.

I’m thinking I should just pick a day a do it, but I know the mister well enough to know that’s not going to be enough and I’m still going to get an earful about how we’re not getting down like he thinks we should.


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  1. I understand completely. Sometimes, you just don’t want to be bothered. If you pick a “date” day and do it on that day like every week or every other week, it gives him something to look forward to…not to mention that you always have a place for the kids to hang out…=o)

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