(him there…me here) now


Talked to BL today.  He texted about his newest ink endeavour.  The piece he’s getting is actually a Thomas Blackshear.  I’m happy he’s finally getting his back piece, he’s been talking about it for a long while.

The Guardian

This is what he’s getting.  Coolness!

He sent me pics of his baby girl who is now 10.  He was a little teary because her mother had taken out the pigtails and straightened her hair (flat iron). He says he won’t allow a relaxer EVER! (I taught him well!) That child has hair for days.  He doesn’t want her to grow up too quickly and is REALLY having a hard time with this first step.  I tried not to laugh at him, but I did giggle just a bit.

I finally got him to agree to talk to the boy (who is almost 13) about his body and girls.  He says the boy isn’t interested in girls, but I explained to him it’s better for him to have accurate information NOW.  Happy that he agrees with me.  No need for him to be Grandpa BL!

It’s good to be in this space with him.  Love is good, love is kind.


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