The mister is working a nerve.  We had been planning to take the kids to Disney in March.  The dates have always been the same.  At the beginning of each school year I get a new calendar and write down all the school happenings for the ENTIRE school year.

The plans for Disney got scrapped but the dates have been the same since the beginning of the school year.  I made hotel reservations…same dates…I sent the information to my mother in law so she could make reservations too…same dates.  The mister projected his leave (military vacation) and guess what… wrong dates.

Now I have these dates in my crackberry…right dates.  Some how the mister got the wrong dates…which he claims I gave to him…OH REALLY WHITE MAN?

I didn’t want to argue, but some how it’s MY fault that HE got the wrong dates.



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  1. Okay, I know it is not funny at all, but for some reason, I cannot stop laughing. How in the world did everyone to include HIS parents have the right/same dates and he get different/wrong dates? Does he think you did not want him to go or something? I think you are being Punk’d! You better look for Ashton Kutcher, girl…you know he be hiding out! Shew! Too funny! Vintage…


    Ashton would get fucked up trying to punk my black ass! LOL! He ain’t ready…Demi either!

    I was is that a pordapedic?

    I mean I was just confuzzled…and his ass was really trying to argue with me.

    That’s it I’m moving to DC with yo ass!

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