Mr. Grumpy Pants


I’m not sure what’s going on with the mister.  We got home after a lovely night out and he turned into a grump.  He woke up this morning with the same attitude.  I believe he MAY be made because I lost my wedding ring, well not so much lost as misplaced.  I wear a diamond ring he gave me at Xmas because it’s flat to my finger so I can get my latex gloves on during lab and clinical.  I’ve worn it since school started back.  I put my wedding some where in our bedroom and now I can’t locate it.   It’s in there some where.  I’m not all that attached to my wedding ring…meh.

I’m going to freshman preview to represent the nursing program.  I’m the one in charge today…imagine that!  LOL.  I told the mister it’s only going to take a couple of hours and I get volunteer hours which I desparately need for this semester.  So I hope while I’m gone he will adjust his attitude and we can get along today.


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  1. He will be okay. The nerve though…didn’t he LOSE his ring before? Ish happens…he will be a-ok-ay.=o)

  2. Try he lost 2 rings! YEP and one was worth a mint! He’s now saying I was being bitchy, but I was trying to get all of us out the door and he was just playing with the kids not getting them ready. Just wanted him to help me. I apologized, don’t know why he just couldn’t have manned up and said what was on his mind…he makes me so tired sometimes. *sigh*

  3. I thought he was working on that? Saying what he feels and mending you and him. I hope he comes around. His feelings seem like they get hurt easily…there is a big picture, hopefully he sees it soon…

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