Good news…Bad news


I received a letter from the university today.  It was stamped with the graduation stamp ( you know the one they use to get you to open it immediately) so I obeyed and opened it immediately.

So the good news first because it’s hump day and the sun is shining!


I only need 6 more classes until I am awarded my BSN!  *Go Meat*


Those six classes are damn near 40 credit hours of work! AND it’s going to take me another 16mths (and a lot of tears) to finish those classes.

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! in the GRAND scheme of things 16mths isn’t  a drop in the bucket…but sitting on this side of those 16mths seems like FOREVER <insert forever echo here>

But you know the best thing out of alla dis?  I gave uncle sam 11years…1month…3days of my life, I got a paycheck, free travel, and benefits that entire time.  Life was good…I’m getting to the good part…uncle sam treated me like he treats the rest of his nieces and nephews…like property.  But as it stands to today I will recieve over 60k in education <all expenses paid> for FREE!

That’s some good news too.

Thank you Uncle Sugar!


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