Thirsty much?


BL and I go back and forth about all kinds of different stuff.  He writes a lot and post stuff to his facebook page.  I love his writing so I let him know what I think.

Lately he’s  been getting some strange feedback from one chick in particular.  They met his senior year in high school and just recently friended each other on facebook.

He asked me to read some things she had written on his wall.  I told him she was trying to holla, but him being BL didn’t want to believe me.  I laughed at him because he has ALWAYS been oblivious when it comes to women.

Well things got hot yesterday when he posted some really wonderful stuff pertaining to love…this thirsty (read:desperate) chick posted she had been dreaming about him and some other unfortunate things…LOL.

I told him he needed to tread lightly.  He was perplexed (which a usual state for him LOL).  He didn’t understand why she kept coming at him.  She knows about his family, she knows he’s a good guy.  I told him he’s a sexy dude…ladies think he’s adorable.   I told him his prose were making her thirsty…he got flustered and deleted her from his page.

I told him he should flattered, he’s such a geek.  One of the many things I adore about him.


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