Google and boredom


I don’t know why I google folks.  I just get bored and instead of backing away from the computer I google people.  It’s usually cool and I find out where people have gone off to, but then there are times when I’m like “DAMN why did I do that?”  It’s like picking at a scab, you know you need to leave it alone but you can’t.  You end up scarred and a bit bloody.  That how I felt looking at those pictures.  Well at least I know some folks are still alive.

Google and boredom are the damn devil.

I love the fact that folks don’t know how to keep their shit private on facebook.  If I’m a friend of one of your friends nine times out of ten I can look at your pics and your wall.  Folks don’t know you have to make your page “friends only” or folks can still see all of your shit.


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