Oh so you trying to discourage me?


Why the mister trying to get me eat some Lindt chocolate truffles…(yeah Corey he is the devil)!  I bought them for him, I don’t plan to have any…not one! (If anyone knows where I can buy Godiva key lime truffles in singles…online…let me know)

So today is the worst day of the winter thus far…we got a light dusting of snow…but this morning as I sat in my truck with the kids at the bus stop I thought I’m not going to school todayI’m not going to the gym today.  I’m going to go back home and sleep the day away.  It was sleeping weather.  As the snow started to cover the street (which is a BIG deal!) I took my fat ass to the gym.  It was darn near empty!  YAY.

I did what my trainer had assigned me…I ran for the first time today in over a year!  I didn’t run long but it felt good, but it felt better to stop. LOL!!!!   So I worked out for the first time all week.  I haven’t felt up training much this week.  I’m sleepy and cranky(I’m blaming my period!)  I meet with my trainer tomorrow for another torture session.  I need to get my ass in gear.  I can do better, I must do better.

I loaded up a few new songs on my iPod, I’m hoping it helps.

*oh yeah classes were cancelled today…4 day week end BABY!


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  1. I am sooooo far behind in my Google Reader, but I just wanted to say GOOD JOB going to the gym and CONGRATULATIONS on running (YAY!) and honey, if you are not going to eat those Lindt truffles, you just set them aside for me, but only the extra dark ones.. I will run extra for those! 😉

    New songs on the iPod always help!

  2. Sorry he likes the milk chocolate ones! LOL! He ended up taking the to work…THANK GAWD!

    I’d run extra and throw in some Ab work for some Godiva key lime truffles so I feel what you are saying!

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