Jah Boogie


So we’re still having issues with the middle child.  He’s a handful and it looks like he may have to repeat the 5th grade and go to summer school.   He’s in tutoring for math and he’s been giving his teachers a fit (which has ALWAYS been his M.O.)  So today since classes were canceled I sat in on his tutoring session.  I was hot like fire when I left that place…he knows that shit forward and backward (yeah I knew that) but he was just all over the place even with me there.  I can’t imagine what he’s like when I’m not!  I had to redirect him back to his work and the tutor several times.  I know he needs meds, but the mister is dead set against putting him back on them.  I feel like we’re reaching critical mass and we need all the help we can get at this point!

I wanted to sit in on Jah’s regular classes but the district doesn’t allow that.  They see parents just sitting in the classroom as a distraction to the students.  That’s doesn’t sit well with me AT ALL!

So I went to the school and just sat and ate lunch with Jah.  He told me about his day and pointed out different kids to me…all the lil girls saying hello and waving.  I wanted to smack those heffas…he’s 11 (well in a few days he will be).  I’m not ready for girls yet.  I’m still scarred from the teenagers shenanigans with the all of that.

I’m not sure what to do about Jah I feel like I know what he needs but the mister and I can’t agree.  Jah HATES being on his meds.  He doesn’t eat or sleep well, but he’s more focused and calmer overall.  I think we should try the meds at least until this years testing is over.

At this point we should take all the help we can get!


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  1. Have you asked the mister why he’s anti-meds? If Jah had an infection, would he allow meds? What about cancer (yes I’m extreme)? The point of meds is not to sedate a child, but to give them relief which they sorely desire.

    If my extreme guilt trip idea doesnt work, have him talk with Jah’s pediatrician or school special ed worker (b/c they usually have the most experience with this) to sway him. Or simply point out his success before and after the meds.

    Maybe it’s an ego thing. Maybe he feels that if Jah goes back on meds it’s a failure on his part.

    As a teacher, my heart always breaks for kids that I *know* should be getting meds (and believe me, I think meds should be a last ditch measure) but parents won’t allow it for non-medical reasons.

  2. Thanx lib. Jah was on meds for a long while. We tried different ones, different doses but Jah was just not himself. He couldn’t sleep, would get up at 2am and be up for hours. He wouldn’t eat it was just so sad. He was so skinny you could see his knee caps from the front. His pediatrician is anti-meds except in extreme cases. We are anti meds, but I know he needs them, if only until the end of the school year. I think the mister will eventually come around, but I know Jah’s heart is going to break when he has to take them again. *sigh*

  3. I’m really sorry to hear about those horrible side-effects. I’m also anti-meds and my heart breaks that he has to suffer so much with them.

    I’m praying for yall that there can be a non-med solution very soon.

    You are doing awesome as a mom!

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