Guess who?( I totally stole this from mama lib!)


Guess who got in her car at 8:35pm to get tacos? Guess who got to the end of the block and busted a u-turn and went back home?  Guess who fixed a frozen chicken burrito that was 7grams of fat instead?  Guess who talked herself out of eating at least 4 tacos (yeah eat ’em like that) and will work out tomorrow to make up for those 7 grams of fat?


I talked myself down from eating crap…I know I would have been heartsick had I eaten those tacos.  I didn’t need them.  As a addict I was able to turn away.  That feels like a win…a small one, but it’s a W no matter what!

Tonight I win!  I will live to eat healthier another day!  Damn that feels great!


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  1. doin the cabbage patch, the roger rabbit, AND the smurf for you!!

    i’m very proud of you (as i eat jr high school lunch– unidentifiable)

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