A little sad


The mister and I talked tonight.  I told him what I had seen at tutoring with Jah.  We have decided to try a low dose of  his ADHD  meds.  I’m so sad because I know my baby boy is going to be devastated.  We’ll just have to work through that.  I’m hoping in time that he won’t need meds at all, but for now I think it’s for the best.


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  1. I feel your pain here! My daughter has ADHD and it affects her schooling and her ability to focus. She does have disicipline issues but thank God not as bad as others I have seen so I have not put her on the meds…

  2. I’m really sorry because I do feel your pain. I pray that a low dose would be enough to minimize the side-effects and for him not to need them long!

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