The mister and I decided to do movie night at home.  I thought it would be good for us to just spend some time without laptops and such.

When you have movies you must have movie snacks.  Sooo of course I went over board…hot tamales and low fat cookies.  UGH!  They were so good.  My period is a killer (or at least that’s my excuse).  I did say no to all you can eat panny cakes (that is what they are called in our house it’s El Syd’s fault).  The mister wanted to go to IHOP and I told him no.  We did go out for dinner at golden corral…I did really well…and said no to dessert.

I slipped a little bit but I’m still determined.  Why can’t the weight just melt off?  That would be nice.


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  1. What movie did you watch? I am going to see The Book of Eli today. I heard it was good. Have a good day.

  2. We didn”t end up watching either of the movies. “We” watched basketball. LOL! We got the proposal and the hangover. May watch them today.

  3. Love me some hot tamales. Judging from this post, so do you.

    At least you made up for ’em @ Golden Corral (love this eatery as well).

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