Good Sense


Life is a contradiction.  Even when other people don’t see them…I see them.  Perhaps they are truly all in my mind.  I am a cynic, so I’ve been told.  But I believe I am a romantic who has been wounded and is careful with something as fragile as love.

You say you believe in God.  His commandments, his word, his doings.  You believe in all of that.  You use his name to make your point(s), that God has put this love here for you.  To bring you comfort.  Soothe your soul.  Sate your heart.

I believe that YOU believe what you are saying and you truly feel what you claim to feel as it pertain to this love sent to you by God.

I FEEL what you are saying, what you are writing, but I have to ask this question.

If God’s commandments are the words we should live by and God meant each and every one, why would God send you a love that goes against his word?  Why would God give you something so precious only to place it beyond your reach?

I’m simply thinking you can’t have it both ways.  Call me a cynic, but I think that doesn’t make good sense.


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