Serena Obama


I have been working out with a trainer since Nov, I think. I’m trying to get my sexy back. To slim down and be healthier. I’m hoping as I slim down my sex drive will return. So I started a new blog about my weight loss journey but I have found I don’t ever post to that blog. I decided to create a category for that journey because I’m a lazy bones.

So the new category will hopefully get some good use.

Don’t be put off by the bitches part…it’s all love. And is sounds tough so I’m keeping it! LOL!

I’ve been working out more, still trying to get to 5-6 workouts per week.

I’m looking for a good aerobics class, still trying to find a good hip hop one.
Made the mistake of going to a hip hop class taught by a white chick (no offense to my white friends I know some of ya’ll got skills) and that chick was horrible! Played hip hop for the first 20 minutes and then played some shit that was just NOT hip hop! Just because you have slept with a black man doesn’t mean you have been injected with dancing skills. UGH! I want something fun, something hip, something funky.

I did take a spin class, why my ass eat up that entire seat?! LOL! It was a GREAT workout but I felt like I had been violated by a large paynus the next day.

I’m still trying to get my eating under control. Haven’t been horrible, it’s just been the small things…passing on something sweet, not getting a 2nd helping. Thinking about what I’m eating as it pertains to working out. Why kill yourself working out and then eat a bunch of crap that cancels out your workouts? I don’t want to run in place.

I’m in physical therapy for my toe. I’ve lost some range of motion and I truly think the original injury was caused by the dansko clogs I bought for clinicals. I’m hoping to get fully healthy before spring break in March.

So this is my first SERENA OBAMA BITCHES post I really want to change my life and stay on track.

(hey mama lib, you got all skinty…give me some tips!)


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  1. ha, me skinty?

    honestly, i read the book “new rules for weight lifting for women” and it rocked. no, i havent’ actually done a workout yet. but what it did do for me was show me that EATING is the main contributor to weight. so i knew that’s what i had to tackle first.

    i did the most basic, boring, tedious thing that made all the difference in the world for me. i wrote down every single thing i ate on seeing the calories and numbers in black and white was a HUGE eye-opener. i found out it wasnt the quantity that i ate (when i moved to texas i could barely finish a happy meal) but it was the types of food i chose. so i tracked my food for about 3 weeks every single day (on my computer and with their app i downloaded for my phone). that helped me shift how i ate because it became a sort of game– how could i eat to maximize satisfaction and food groups, but come juuust under my recommended daily calories (they tell you that based on the info you input).

    i havent tracked food for a couple of months, but i can now tell when i’m off. also, i have been attempting to limiting eating out (yes this includes lunch AND dinner, even on the weekends) to once a week. i notice that when i exceed that, i don’t lose for the week, though i may stay status quo.

    i know there are a variety of sites that allow you track your food, but i like the daily plate better than spark and the others. there is a wider range of food choices to input (i dont have to hunt and peck all over the internet for the calories of the chinese food chicken wings) and it’s more tailored to my body type, weight goals, and lifestyle.

    i know that was long, but i hope it helps!!!!!

  2. Awww thanx Lib, I’ll have to check the library for that book. I haven’t weighed myself…even though I have a brand spankin’ new scale! LOL! I’m trying to change my life style and make choices that are better for me.

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