The mister is still pissed at me.  At least he’s talking if only a little.  I believe the teenager believing his Dad would hit me really hurt the mister’s heart and soul.  The line was drawn…she’s my Mom…you are not REALLY my Dad!   Which is sad because he has been Daddy for 14yrs…when the donor didn’t even bother to call the mister was there, being Dad.  I hope in the years to come they can mend their relationship…hell I hope we all can heal.

The mister seems to think we can force our will on someone who is LEGALLY an adult…things we could have done in May “09 are now by law ILLEGAL.  We can’t make him stay, but the mister has it stuck in his head that had we stood united and told him he HAD to stay he would have stayed.  I say to that…how much fuckery and bullshit are we suppose to take from this manchild?  How many times do you accept the lies, the disrespect, the blatant fuck yous?

The mister and I were raised differently.  His mother LOVED her boys…I mean lived her life for them.  As a result his two younger brothers treated his mom like shit (the mister adores her and treats her accordingly).  She gave them everything and more.  She let them use and misuse her.  She gave her money, her heart and her time even when it was obvious that it was doing more harm than good.  His youngest brother still lives at home, he’s 21.  He hasn’t held a job in YEARS, he’s not in school, but she still cooks for him, irons for him, provides him with his OWN vehicle and slides him cash.  So I understand the mister and I have a different view on raising children.

I can not and will not be disrespected in my own home.  Eventually you reach your breaking point and everything comes to a boil.

I reached mine Friday.

Perhaps we should have showed a united front.   Perhaps I should have followed his lead, but what’s done is done.  We have to start from this point.  That is what I plan on doing.


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