Well you married her…


I have a friend.  He’s smart, well spoken, and a bit sexy (if you ask me, but no one did so…).  When you know people for a while you talk about a WIDE variety of things.  I’ve spent time with this person just chilling and such.  He confided in me that he married his wife because they got pregnant with their son.  He also went on to confide in me that his wife doesn’t entertain oral sex.  They have been together for 12yrs and she just won’t do it.  Instead of giving him sympathy, because Lord knows I feel sorry for his dry paynus meat.  I simply told him…”well you married her.”

Now I’m all for people doing what feels good for them…no pressure.  Maybe she had a traumatic experience or something, but how do you not SUCK DICK AT ALL!  This just floors me.  For a heterosexual woman there is nothing like the feel of a hard dick sliding through your lips and over your tongue.  It just feels good.

That’s all I have to say about that.


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  1. I am agreeing with your response….I know a guy who had to wait until they were married to get some and now wonders why she still barely gives it up lol…

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