I’m not quite sure why you’re acting like you’re mad at ME.  You haven’t said 10 words to me since I got back from the airport.  Just a few days ago you were blowing up my phone, getting all pissy because I didn’t take time away from my family and hold convo with you.  I was with my FAMILY.  When your bother came back from Iraq I gave you your time with your family.  My Paw Paw died, we left him in a cold snow covered national cemetery.  He’s GONE.  I needed that time to laugh and enjoy the comfort of those people who loved him as well.

I’m so disappointed in you right now.  You’re no better than that batshit crazy bitch my Dad married.

So much for the comfort of home, that’s okay I’m sure to find comfort elsewhere.  Perhaps you should do the same.


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