Friday Wishes


I wish…

I could stick to my workouts

I could update the music on my iPod

I could get BL to understand it ain’t all of that

I didn’t feel so much pressure

I wasn’t a coward

I could just be honest

I could see a future with only me

I didn’t feel anger when it came to him

I didn’t feel meh when it came to him

my sex drive would drive itself back home

I didn’t feel a need to get away

things weren’t this way

I wasn’t such a whiny tittay baby

my fat would let my muscle be great

there was at least 2 female rappers with skill and talent who didn’t feel a need to be nekkid

he wasn’t so needy

his neediness didn’t freak me out just a little

he didn’t put me on a pedestal

we could have sex without a condom

my toe would get better

I wasn’t so sleepy lately

I could suck a nice dick right now

the mister hadn’t fucked up our lives

that fuck up wasn’t such a blessing but it is

he would find his drive to be great

it was the first week in May and I had passed the semester with flying colors!


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