Well isn’t that strange…and other randomness


The Period monster got me…I am so craving cake batter.  I want some!  I’m so happy when my period comes (because it means not babies) but I’m also happy when that bitch leaves.  Boo.Bitch.Bye.

Still want to hump anything moving.

Ok so the mister is really trying(maybe not so much)…yesterday he tells me how much he appreciates me taking care of the household stuff…of course I thanked him, cause I have good home training.  But all the while I’m thinking “if you really TRULY appreciated me  you would at least TRY and help me”.  I mean really how appreciative are you if you are just walking by the MOUNTAINS of clothes like you’re Stevie Wonder?  So yeah…not really feeling the love, it’s all just lip service.

Moving on…

I’m on the hunt for a cute swim suit that will properly hold all dees tittays.  There are a few sites that I’ve found, now my issue is trying to figure out how close I will be to Serena Obama* status by spring break.

*Serena Obama is the perfect female body…arms and back like Michelle Obama and legs and ass like Serena Williams…do not steal my new found description or I will be forced to use my massive biceps to crush you!

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  1. LMAO…U are silly…Well at least you get a “Thank You”, I dont even get that while they are walking aside the mess like they cant see it…

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