Is this how you want to do this? I mean really?


I need to be here in my space…I need to pour it out here so I don’t go off on this motherfucker!

I’ve been doing laundry for what feels like forever.  The mister has folded about 10 items total, so he can say that he’s helping.

I made chili today because it’s cold as hell outside and chili is a good cheap belly filler.  I decided to FINALLY wash the pot the mister had fried the Xmas turkey in…XMAS!  It’s been sitting on the counter in the kitchen (which is the teenager domain, but he was told NOT to wash that pot…why you ask…welllllll the mister said HE was going to wash it and we know he ain’t trying to wash shit!) in the way.  I decided while I was throwing the chili together I would clean the pot…so I did just that.

The mister comes home, takes a shit (his usual M.O.) and walks past at least 2 loads of clean clothes that could use some attention (yeah I been home all day but I’ve been doing laundry FOREVER!) he then notices that the pot has been moved.  He decides at THAT moment he’s going to clean the pot.  I inform him it’s already been cleaned…by me.  He then proceeds to inspect the fucking pot…really man?  I mean really?!?  He then decides to rinse the pot for good measure…

So let’s recap…he’s full of shit, he’s not going to help me,  and he feels he needs to inspect MY house work!  Woooooow!

I’m getting a boyfriend…I mean that shit…no need to waste all this horniness on him.

I don’t know how much more I can stand.


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