Whatchu call me?


Okay so I can’t sleep…I’m surfing the net, but since I have no money to spend it’s not as fun as it could be.

I’m thinking of changing my name, well not changing it exactly but adding my father’s last name to my name…okay let me explain…

When I was born my moms was hustling the state(big shock I know…lol)  So she didn’t put my father on my birth certificate that way the couldn’t go after him for CHSUP (yes this is the kind of fuckery I was born into)  My father didn’t press the issue to I was Poetry Mom’s Maiden at birth.

Now five years later when it was time for me to enter school (dad had moved on to his first wife by this time) my moms got the bright idea to enroll me in school as Poetry Dad’s Last Name.  See back then no one asked for a birth certificate, they just took your word for it.  So for 18yrs I was Poetry Dad’s Last Name.  When I got pregnant with J at 17 my dad stopped talking to me (real nice huh..asshole)   So when I had my son I went back to using my mom’s maiden name.  So I have been Poetry Mom’s Maiden name for almost 20yrs. I guess I forgot to mention that when I met the mister his last name was the SAME as my mother’s maiden name so there was no name change for me…cool huh?

Now when I was 8 or so my mom took my dad to court for CHSUP (child support).  Paternity was established (he told the court I was his…couldn’t deny me I look just like him) but at that time he didn’t request to be placed as my father on my BC.  So legally I stayed Poetry Mom’s Maiden Name, but in school I was Poetry Dad’s Last Name.  Yep that’s bootleg…

About 2yrs ago I decided I wanted my Dad’s name on my BC.  So I sent in the documents from the CHSUP case and had my Dad added to my BC…wow that was easy.  So now after almost 40 yrs I am LEGALLY Poetry Dad’s Last Name, except for the fact that I’m married to the mister, so as it stands I am STILL Poetry Mom’s Maiden/the mister’s Name(because they are the same name).

I’m going to be starting my 2nd career in 18mths(God willing), so I’m thinking of having my name LEGALLY changed to….

Poetry Dad’s Last Name- Mom’s Maiden/the mister’s Name.

Not sure how that’s going to go over in this house, but we shall see…


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  1. As a friend, I would tell you not to do it. Had it not been the same name, I don’t think you would have thought about it. It is the husband’s name…not your Mom’s anymore. Look at it that way. Now if for some crazy reason you and the husband don’t make it…by all means, have at it. I am just saying…(((hugs))).

  2. But had I had my Dad’s last name legally I would have never changed it to the mister’s last name. I had never planned to legally be Mrs. So n so. I’ve told the mister this from the beginning. I’m not trying to get rid of my mom’s (my Granny’s <3) last name (and by default the mister's)…I love it I'm quite proud of being from that line of women, just want to add to it not take away from it.

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