Randomness in bullet form

  • Me and Thelma are planning a roadtrip (it’s been too long!)
  • The kids go back to school tomorrow (happy muthafluckin dance)
  • I been getting my workout on (fat is not where it’s at)
  • I want to run again
  • My toe is STILL killing me
  • I STILL can’t wear my cute shoes (sux)
  • School starts for me on the 11th
  • The mister doesn’t know it yet but his monkey ass is taking classes this term (BITCHASS!)
  • My sex drive has vacated my body (FUCKER I’m too young for this)
  • I’m hoping if I slim down, less fat=less estrogen=better sexy feelings
  • I miss sex
  • My toe is cold (weird mayhaps that’s a symptom of something)
  • I am hopeful about tomorrow (and the future)
  • I’m actually looking forward to working out tomorrow (SCORE!)
  • I miss sex a lot
  • I want to feel sexy again
  • I need a Brazilian wax
  • I’m thinking of getting my underarms waxed too (YOUCH)
  • I am in love with woodwic.k candles (smell so goooood)
  • I miss writing
  • I’m excited about school (for now…lol)
  • I’m excited about bringing sexy back
  • I need to make an appointment for the dogs
  • I need to make an appointment for my girlie exam (gotta keep it healthy)
  • I haven’t had oral sex in AGES (received it…my fault)
  • My period showed up today
  • I miss being in love with my husband
  • I miss trusting my husband
  • My eating still isn’t clean
  • I hope I get an e-mail
  • I hope I never get an e-mail
  • I’m ready for a roadtrip…

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  1. You are def all over the place here…but thats how our thoughts work…I sure hope you get some over there…I can tell its very much needed!

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