Why you mad son?


I’ve stopped trying to make sense of what has become of our friendship.  Nonetheless, wanted to take a minute to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  Hope your New Year starts off on a positive note, and I hope all your dreams for 2010 are realized.

So it was three lines, my bad I didn’t mean to short change you.  I guess I didn’t read it close enough the first time.  See I know you well enough to know that you are confused and mayhaps a little pissed right now…doesn’t set right in your spirit now does it?  I said before that I wasn’t angry but when I went back and read this shit before I sent off my response…24hrs later, it puckers my asshole just a bit.

WHO THE FUCK IS YOU?  I mean really?  So now you acting like you don’t know how shit really went down?  I feel like you’re trying to play me and that shit ain’t making me feel warm and fuzzy.

I’m not saying anything else to you, I will use this outlet and vent and purge you right into the ether.

I’m seriously not trying to turn the tables, because I would never want to hurt you, but I have a feeling you are dazed and confuzzled like a motherfucker.  I would be lying if I said THAT didn’t make me giggle.  Wrong I know but hell I’m human…flaws and all.

I don’t expect to ever hear from you again, but if I’m honest I will say I will never stop loving you and wishing you had been a better friend.  Wishing I had been a stronger woman…


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