Guess who’s back!?!


I almost got pulled in…when I read those two lonely lines, the first line being your call for me to spring into action and the second line your odd way of showing me some love I had an instant reaction of  “really G, you going to come at me like that?”.

I started to bang out my usual explanation of what was going on, but as I wrote before I don’t owe you anything.  Not my time, not my words, not my friendship.

Hell I don’t even know how long it’s been, but it’s been a few months and I am REALLY fine with that.  See the part of me that loved you wanted to soothe your soul, possibly at the expense of my own.  I wrote and re-wrote my reply in my head trying to figure out a way to set it all straight…for you.

But the part of me that LOVES me yanked my chain, brought me back to what my reality is…this isn’t about you.  This is the about the love I have for myself.

See I’m a bad chick.  I’m intelligent, driven, and on point.

So your “call” will not get the response I know you are expecting, a long detailed, heartfelt devotion  filled love tap.  LOL.

You see I’m smiling because I have nothing left to give you, but the same well wishes you bestowed upon me after months of silence.

No longer am I running to and fro trying make this happen, because I don’t NEED more than I have right now.  My soul is sated.

No anger just the reality that you lost a very good thing all the while you were thinking it was going to be right where you had left it, like so many times before.  How many times did I have to tell you what I needed (wanted)?  I suppose now you can see it was one too many.

This is a new reality ” I hope you and yours are blessed and prosperous in the year to come

That is all I have to say about that.


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