Randomness and bitchin’


The holiday is here, for the most part.  I’ve been out of school for almost 2wks feeling unsettled about my lack of nervousness about the upcoming semester.  I’ve pushed that to the back of my mind for moment and I’m trying really hard to concentrate on being in the moment of the holidays and family and such.

Now you know I couldn’t have a true holiday post without some bitchin’.


It never fails he always gets like this before his parents come…it’s like he’s practicing being as unproductive as possible because he knows his mom is going to come in a do whatever needs to be done.  FUCKING JERK!

So I’m doing the majority of  last-minute stuff and cussing him out in my mind er’ry hour or so.  I swear if that man humps me one more time I’m going to lose it.  UGH!

I asked the mister what was going to happen to us when the kids were out of the house , he said we would run around naked and do whatever we wanted.  Yeah…ok…

I keep thinking to myself what am I doing wrong.  Maybe I’m not giving him what he needs and THAT’S the reason I’m not getting what I need.  I mean if I tell you what I need and I still don’t get it what does that mean for the future?  Not good foreshadowing.

BL and I were talking about marriage and he told me how when his youngest is 18 his contract of marriage will expire…he has a way with words.  I have to say I called shenanigans but hey it’s his life.

I told BL that when this marriage bites the dust there wouldn’t be another mister in my future.  BL was offended as he sees himself as quite a catch.  While I love BL and think he’s wunderfer I held my ground and told him I would allow him to come over, but there would be no leaving of random items (said items would be promptly place in the outside garbage receptacle ) or showing up without a prior invitation.  I ain’t falling for that shit.  Grass is greener my fat black ass.  Hell most men I know aren’t compatible with marriage, most women I know aren’t either.  LOL!

I have a plan for my future…it’s the maintenance plan…when the mister and/or I decided this marriage shit ain’t for either of us I’m going to get me a nice house with a security system, I’m buying a gun and learning how to shoot it, I’m getting two maintenance men…one for the house inside and out…and one for me inside and out.  I plan to save money so that I’m able to afford GOOD long-term care when that time comes.  My future plans do not include investing in another in human being on this level.


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